Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mar. 2009 - brief discussion of death and haiku (in comments)

spring rain
at sunset

church row

we used to hang out down by the canal behind my house and smoke weed till an alligator came up behind us once and we realised we could die...ah youth...;)

and perhaps i spoke too photos may be forthcoming....

Oh, you silly girl.

church row?

look across the canal you sat by and read the building markers. To the West, on the map you provided.

After 9/11?

"That's got me bummin' out. I keep it to myself, as I do most feelings. A person shouldn't do that - where does that emotion go? A lot of it on social media I suspect. Now there's a scary thought ... FB being a CIA tool and all that."

Btw; there's been ample evidence FaceBook's main investor in the beginning was In-Q-tel. It's a CIA start-up incubator. Oh! Come to think of it, I have a link to an article I'll throw it in, but no need to rush and read it!It's by Rappaport, who is a guy with integrity. I have his site listed on my blog under - "Assymetry"

oops! look at that spelling. I'm relying too much on spell check these daysDouble Post


"News & Opinion"

Which is a reason I reason I left FaceBook - it destroys continuity of thought and one's ability to analyze situations or arguments logically. It's an emotional roller coaster that funnels people into queue for a feedback loop's eternal damnation. There is no escaping it, even if one considers FB a promotional tool like I did. It's a real dog's breakfast.

between church row
and red lounge records -
a "Missing" poster on a pole

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Истребитель Су-27 отгоняет F-16 НАТО от самолета Шойгу: эксклюзивные кадры

Road Trip (revisited)

between rumble-strips
and wild flowers -
two lane blacktop

mist from the hills -
where floodplain meets sky,
ripples blur the grey

Cannon, Whitewater,
Zumbro, Trout -
the place where the river widens

prayers for rain -
the church league's corn boil
won't be held this year

Route 66 -
a flyspecked whitewash
on the wayside rest

Sunday's summer sunset -
another small town
closes all its doors


take a break

Monday, June 19, 2017

through a battered steel door
left slightly ajar
oh, so carefully
I slip my words in


summer squall
a quarrel between crows
releases more rain


Sunday, June 18, 2017

tiny figures
stand beneath the bonsai tree
the littlest boy
with curious fingers
assures the world is real

porch light

moon flies and chigger bugs
circling the porch light --
Dad calls us all in

on wildwood road
water lilies directionless

on wildwood road
water lilies
in every direction

she makes light
of all his advances
June bugs

evening thunder
a homeless man
comforts his dog

Earth Day
I circle the date
in green

a fine garden
in the traffic circle
once more around

(march 2009 world haiku review)

east county line
a whitetail doe
becomes a tree